The underwater noise monitoring campaign concluded

In September 2020, the monitoring campaign of the underwater noise produced by the plant during operation was carried out and its impact was verified both inside the tourist port, in the ejectors’ area, and in the discharge points area. The measurements aimed to verify any submarine disturbance produced by the operation of the plant, compared to the background underwater noise in the area.

From the analysis of the acoustic data it emerged that in the port and peri-port environment the contribution of pumps and ejectors to the increase in underwater noise is not significant. In particular, no significant differences were appreciated between the sound pressure levels produced during the measurements with the system off and with the system on, at different operating levels.

It is therefore concluded that the system does not have an impact on the marine fauna present in the area. Another important step demonstrating the sustainability of the technology.

This project has received funding from the European Union's LIFE Programme under grant agreement No LIFE15 ENV/IT/000391

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