LCA studies performed on the technology and production cycle of the components of the system

With the publication of the final dissertation of Luigi Montalti, the life cycle assessment studies applied to the system installed in Cervia have been completed. The copious work sought to verify the impacts that are generated during the production cycles of the main components of the plant, comparing them with those resulting from the construction of the dredging equipment.

The analysis of the contributions of the individual components of the plant to the overall impact of production has allowed us to have useful information that will lead us to change some components in future plants. This will allow us to reduce the carbon footprint of the technology.

Another analysis was carried out in the first months of the year and the aim was to compare the social, economic and environmental impacts resulting from dredging operations carried out with traditional technologies, with those generated by handling the sediment with ejector technology.

The study showed that in terms of environmental LCA and social and economic LCA, the technology developed in the LIFE Marina Plan Plus project is advantageous compared to traditional dredging activities. Optimizations can be made in terms of CO2 emissions that have already been taken into consideration (energy supply from renewable sources), which will allow us to significantly reduce the impact resulting from the operation of future plants.

These two studies made it possible to verify the sustainability of the technology and its operation and to obtain many useful data to reduce the impacts of implementation and management in the future.

This project has received funding from the European Union's LIFE Programme under grant agreement No LIFE15 ENV/IT/000391

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